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Manitex SC62 Sign Crane

Manitex | Sign Cranes
Manitex SC62 Sign Crane

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Operating Weight 3 US Tons
Boom Size 56
Capacity 3 US Tons
Outriggers yes
Winch yes
Maximum Boom Length 56
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Manitex SC62 Sign Crane | Western Pacific Crane & Equipment

The Manitex SC62 sign crane is available now from Western Pacific Crane & Equipment.


Manitex SC62 Sign Crane Features:

Working Heights to 97′

Dual purpose machine; aerial platform and crane

Multiple tool and lamp box options

Extra long lamp box option in sub-frame

Easy ground level entry to Aerial platform

Aerial remote controls

Ground hydraulic controls

Remote engine start / stop

Auxiliary power unit

Hydraulic and Gravity leveled platforms

Platform Mounted Jib with Hydraulic Winch

360° work area with continuous rotation

Crane Tip Heights: 57′, 60′, 70′, 85′ & 92′

Nylatron pad equipped booms

Up to 6,000 lb lift capacity

Up to 24,000 lb lift capacity for SC85

Detachable load line

Radio anti-two block system

Rugged, Weatherproof, Automotive style electrical system

ORS Face Seal hydraulic fittings and adapters

Unparalleled machine stability

Heavy duty sub-frame

Clamp-on mounting

Design meets ANSI A92.2 and ANSI B30.5 recommendations