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Wind turbine installation cranes

The Most Popular Cranes for Wind Turbine Installation on the West Coast

Western Pacific Crane and Equipment is the premier west coast crane supplier for wind turbine construction equipment including lattice boom crawler cranes, allterrain cranes, telescoping crawler cranes, rough terrain cranes and more. We are a trusted provider for cranes to support virtually any wind project New construction, maintenance, generator replacement, single blade replacement, inspection, and more. We can outfit jobs from installation / erection, to assist and tailing, to maintenance and general support. Western Pacific Crane offers all our equipment for sale, rental, or RPO, throughout the Western United States and Canada. Part of the largest Manitowoc and Grove supply network in the world, we are trusted by construction contractors and crane rental houses across the western pacific coast, from Southern California up to Alaska, from Idaho west to Guam.

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Lattice Boom Crawler Cranes for Wind Turbine Erection and Installation

Lattice boom crawler cranes are the undisputed equipment of choice for wind turbine installation.
Western Pacific Crane carries the two most popular models suited to wind turbine applications, the
Manitowoc MLC300 (300ton) and MLC650 (650ton) crawler cranes. Both cranes were designed from
the ground up for the unique demands of wind projects and have dedicated attachments for wind work.
For example, 3.5m wide boom inserts can give these crane additional capacities and tip height. These
cranes also feature Manitowoc’s Variable Position Counterweight (VPC) system, which allows for
exceptional capacity. When outfitted with a 3.5meterwide wind boom kit, the MLC650 has a 717ton
capacity, and with the VPCMAX, it has a 772ton capacity.

For smaller jobs or more specific niche projects, we carry smaller lattice boom models including the
Manitowoc 999 (275ton), MLC165 (182ton), and MLC100 (110ton). We are the authorized distributor
for the entire line of Manitowoc lattice crawlers.

Why Trust Us:

  • Factory Trained Service Team, with Master Certifications on major product lines
  • 24/7 Parts and Service support
  • One of the largest, full-service paint bays in the Midwest
  • Manitowoc EnCORE Partner
  • Full Rebuild capabilities

Tele-Boom Crawler Cranes, A Unique Solution for Wind

Tele-boom crawler cranes offer the advantages of quick-set up with the high maneuverability of a crawler body. With lattice booms, it would be necessary to remove boom sections to lower the boom to navigate around power lines or other obstacles. But a tele-boom crawler crane can be fully retracted in minutes so the crane can be moved around quickly. Telescoping cranes in the 55-140 ton capacity – for example, the Grove GHC55, GHC75, GCH130, and GHC140, are especially popular for wind applications.

AllTerrain and Rough Terrain Cranes for Turbine Support and Tailing

Several types of smaller cranes are ideal for maintenance on wind projects, including the GMK7750
(550ton) all terrain crane, a great crane for projects surrounded by dirt and gravel. Allterrain cranes are
great for wind projects with many components involved, because they can travel to the project’s location
on their own via public roadways.

Even before the turbine assembly can begin, the prep and ground work must be completed in advance,
and this is where smaller rough terrain cranes are particularly useful. Rough terrain cranes are great
work on rocky, uneven terrain, and for working in an area with limited space. Their maneuverability
makes them easy to transport, and they are allaround well suited for wind turbine support and tailing.
Grove Rough Terrain cranes in the 80165ton class, such as the Grove GRT880, GRT8100, RT9130E,
RT9150E, and GRT9165, are ideal for setting cages or lifting wind turbine nacelles.


Industry-Leading Service Available for Wind Turbine Installation and Maintenance

Western Pacific’s cranes have worked on wind projects across the country and into Canada and the Pacific. With decades of experience in the wind industry, and representing the largest crane manufacturers, Western Pacific is more than just a crane seller. Our staff – from sales, to customer service to factory-trained technicians, will support your operation every step of the way – from the initial consultation, to taking delivery, to jobsite support, to service and maintenance years down the line. We support and stand behind every model in our fleet.

We have 8 strategically located facilities and service California, Oregon, Washington, portions of Idaho and Nevada, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, the Marshall Islands, British Columbia, Vancouver and the Yukon. All to ensure there is a Western Pacific Crane professional ready to assist you, wherever you are.