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National Crane 800D Boom Truck

National Crane | Boom Trucks
National Crane 800D Boom Truck

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Operating Weight 30 US Tons
Max Tip Height 150' ft.
Capacity 30 US Tons
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National Crane 800D Boom Truck | Western Pacific Crane & Equipment

With a capacity of 23 US tons the National Crane 800D boom truck offers four basic boom and jib combinations. Boom lengths include 51 ft., 90 ft., and 100 ft. The 25 ft.- 44 ft. jib can be used with the 90 ft. and 100 ft. boom lengths. The 800D is available in three configurations: standard behind-cab mount rear mount and tractor mount.

  • Three and Four-section booms
  • Internal Anti-two-block
  • Self-lubricating “Easy Glide” Wear Pads
  • Hydraulic Capacity Alert System (HCAS) or Load Moment Indicator system(LMI)
  • Proportional boom extension
  • Planetary “Burst of Speed” winch