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Crane Refurbishment

Crane Refurbishment | Western Pacific Crane & Equipment

By utilizing crane refurbishment services at Western Pacific Crane & Equipment, your equipment can be rebuilt and re-powered to factory specifications, below the cost of purchasing a new machine.

We can refurbish Grove, Manitowoc, Manitex, Manitou, National, and GMK product lines. We offer total refurbishment, from drive train to repower and boom rebuilds. We will refurbish from the ground up and ensure all components are fitted properly and function as if they were brand new.

We have 8 strategically located facilities all along the Western Pacific Coast to serve all of California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, the Marshall Islands, British Columbia, Vancouver and the Yukon. Plus portions of Neveda and Idaho. We’ll be there to service all of your equipment needs by our Factory Trained Service technicians who have years of experience on our full product line for both new and older equipment models.


Benefits of Refurbishing a Machine at Western Pacific Crane & Equipment


  • At least 50% cheaper than purchasing a new machine
  • Quicker turnaround time than a new machine (2 months versus 6 months on average)





Manitowoc EnCORE Partner



We have the in-house expertise and facilities to successfully refresh any Manitowoc crane products. The EnCORE status is only available to qualifying dealers, which requires an initial review and approval process, followed by annual audits by Manitowoc. This distinction allows us to extend the life of any Manitowoc crane products.